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Pressure Swing Adsorption

Technology Pressure Swing Adsorption

Quadrogen’s system purifies feed gases to produce high purity products by effectively removing contaminants such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and unwanted hydrocarbons to trace levels.
The unique integrated rotary valve system allows efficient adsorption and separation of contaminant gases without the need of complex controls and numerous switching valves.
Quadrogen’s PSA technology can improve the overall profitability by reducing costs and providing improved reliability, flexibility, and environmental performance.
The compact PSA design provides a plug and play concept that offers low installation costs and ease of operation.

Product Range and Specifications

Benefits of Quadrogen’s PSA System

Compact and skid mounted for ease of installation and integration

Proven reliability for continuous robust operation

Simple to operate

Market leading performance

Low Operating cost

Quadrogen’s Services:

Techno-economic feasibility studies

Design Engineering Services

PSA Integrated biogas upgrading solutions provider

Installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance services

Troubleshooting and engineering support


Biogas Clean-up Systems

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Landfill Gas Cleanup

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Integrated Biogas Cleanup System (IBCS)

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Pressure Swing Adsorption System (PSA)

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Integrated Biogas Upgrading System (ORCA)

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