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Quadrogen is a leading Canadian Clean Technology Company that provides innovative and engineered solutions to serve our customers in the markets of customized biogas cleanup and upgrading plants, hydrogen purification systems, and carbon capture equipment.


Using both our proprietary and non-proprietary technologies, we offer solutions for

  • Biogas clean-up and upgrading systems to turn waste biogas from wastewater treatment plants, landfills, agricultural digesters, and solid separated organic facilities into clean renewable natural gas.
  • Purification of industrial generated syngases and recovery of waste hydrogen streams into a high purity hydrogen product for utilization within existing operations or as a salable gas for applications such as fuel cell vehicles.
  • Capturing carbon dioxide from flue gases such as boilers for utilization and/or liquefaction.
  • Removal of heavy hydrocarbons from pipeline natural gas, shale gas from stranded wells, and associated gases to meet stringent gas quality specifications for utilization and reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


We provide complete biogas, hydrogen, carbon capture and industrial gas recovery systems and support our customers through state-of-the-art engineering & design services for feasibility studies, system fabrication, and development programs.