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Integrated Biogas Upgrading System (IBUS) ORCA

Applications Integrated Biogas Upgrading System (IBUS) ORCA

Quadrogen’s IBUS ORCA provides a turnkey biomethane recovery solution from various biogas sources. The gas goes through pretreatment, cleanup and compression followed by the Pressure Swing Adsorption system to produce biomethane as a renewable substitute to fossil derived natural gas.

Key Features of the IBUS ORCA

Easy to install, operate, and maintain

Enclosure for compressor, electrical panel, electrical instrumentation and analyzers

The design is to ensure that all feed, product and condensate lines are located for ease of integration with the client site

Plug and play package

Flexible design to accommodate a variety of conditions and flows


Benefits of Quadrogen’s IBUS ORCA:

Designed based on client specific requirements

Complete solution for cleanup and upgrading

Lower footprint by optimizing space

Layout designed for best functionality and ease of use

Optimized piping

Automated and/or manual system as per customer requirements

Ease of on-site assembly and installation

Ease of operability and maintenance

Quadrogen’s Services:

Techno-economic feasibility studies

Design Engineering Services

PSA Integrated biogas upgrading solutions provider

Installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance services

Troubleshooting and engineering support


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If you wish to learn more or have an application for us to evaluate.