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Hydrogen Purification

Applications Hydrogen Purification

Quadrogen’s proprietary fast-cycle pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system offers the most efficient, compact, and cost-effective hydrogen purification solution for small and middle capacity hydrogen generation systems. The advancements in rotary valves PSA eliminates the problems of large equipment size, complex systems, and numerous maintenance-prone switching valves.


Hydrogen can be recovered from various gas sources such as syngas, coke-oven gas, refinery off-gas and other waste hydrogen streams. This gas enters Quadrogen’s fast-cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) System and the gas exits as a purified H2 stream. This hydrogen can be used for:


As fuel cells for fleet vehicles, ground support equipment, industrial robotic, aerospace or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications;

Stationary power

Data centres, microgrid, telecom, utilities (substation control, power grid stabilization)

Chemical processing and production

In the semiconductor industry, DRI for steel production, chemical synthesis, hydrogenation of fatty oils, wafer annealing, atomic hydrogen welding and other chemical synthesis and processes

Benefits of Quadrogen’s PSA System:

Compact and skid mounted* for ease of installation and integration

Proven reliability for continuous robust operation

Simple to operate

Market leading performance

Low operating cost

*May be field erected in case of high flow conditions

Quadrogen’s Services:

Techno-economic feasibility studies

Design Engineering Services

PSA Integrated biogas upgrading solutions provider

Installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance services

Troubleshooting and engineering support


Biogas Clean-up Systems

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Landfill Gas Cleanup

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Integrated Biogas Cleanup System (IBCS)

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Pressure Swing Adsorption System (PSA)

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Integrated Biogas Upgrading System (ORCA)

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