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Hydrogen Booster

Technology Hydrogen Booster

Quadrogen’s Hydrogen Booster system processes syngas and fuel cell exhaust gas to produce renewable, on-demand hydrogen.

The Hydrogen boost is achieved by sequential catalytically enhanced water-gas shift reactions followed by a polishing process that preferentially oxidizes the remaining carbon monoxide to less than 10 ppm.


Water‐gas Shift Reaction

CO + H2O → CO2 + H2 + heat

Carbon monoxide and water is converted to hydrogen and carbon dioxide. It is an important reaction for the maximum possible amount of hydrogen production.

Polishing by Preferential Oxidation

2CO + O2 → 2CO2 + heat

Preferential oxidation is a proven method to allow species other than hydrogen to be removed, to produce product with a high amount of hydrogen. 

Quadrogen’s Services:

Techno-economic feasibility studies

Design Engineering Services

PSA Integrated biogas upgrading solutions provider

Installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance services

Troubleshooting and engineering support


Biogas Clean-up Systems

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Landfill Gas Cleanup

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Integrated Biogas Cleanup System (IBCS)

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Pressure Swing Adsorption System (PSA)

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